Burbank Drive Walmart employees are escorted back into the store by East Baton Rouge Sheriff Deputies after an incident at store Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

Some years ago, in an interview with this newspaper, a Bosnian refugee mentioned the mundane pleasure of grocery shopping in Baton Rouge. After the violence she’d experienced in her war-torn homeland, it was a relief to roam the supermarket aisles here and accomplish a prosaic task — all without worry about physical harm.

We’ve been thinking about that this week in the wake of two more mass shootings over the weekend — one in Ohio, and another one at an El Paso, Texas, Walmart.

Arrest made after altercation at Baton Rouge Walmart that drew heavy police presence

The shootings have set the country on edge, and there was a scare in Baton Rouge on Tuesday after initial reports of shooting at a Walmart on Burbank Drive. The report turned out to be false, although authorities now say there was an altercation between two customers, with one brandishing a pair of scissors and the other pulling out a gun.

It’s pretty sad when the news of a gun being drawn at a store is greeted with relief, the assumption being that things could have gone a lot worse.

In a nation once cheered by everyday lower prices, we are, it seems, becoming accustomed to everyday lower standards.