Picotee desert rose

Tropical plants like this desert rose can live outdoors in our area, but need to be brought inside when the temperatures near freezing.

In a season of division, the cold snap visiting Louisiana this week is a timely reminder of our basic need for each other. The dipping mercury underscores the vulnerability of neighbors who might require a little extra help. Now is the time to check on them.

Freezing temps, after all, are nothing to ignore.

Freeze warnings went into effect Tuesday night into Wednesday morning across the area. This is no time to take risks with individual or family health, and it’s important to take care of those who can’t easily take care of themselves. That includes infants, toddlers and pets.

Record-breaking cold, possible snow flurries coming to Baton Rouge; here's how to prepare for freeze

Please make time to consider and take precautions, and make sure that plants and pets are not exposed to the more extreme cold weather. Call or visit family, friends and folks next door, especially seniors, to make sure they are safe and warm.

Freeze warning issued for Baton Rouge area and north shore for Tuesday night to Wednesday

Gumbo weather has come to south Louisiana, and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. If we can't beat the weather, we might as well, in true Louisiana fashion, make the best of it.