A recent photo of David Saunders and his wife, Elsie Saunders.

Over a long life, including service to his nation in World War II and Korea, David Saunders probably could not have imagined how his remains would be dishonored.

Even though because of his age he and wife were very careful during the COVID-19 pandemic, he got the delta variant and died. But like many in his great generation, he wanted to be of service and donated his body to science.

Unfortunately, through a sad story, LSU could not take the body because of virus exposure, and a business promoting ghoulish “courses” in dissections ended up with Saunders’ remains.

Spectators — at up to $500 a pop — were not “exclusively medical students,” one of the perpetrators of this travesty said disingenuously.

Saunders’ widow in Baker said that she had been assured the body would be used for science. If so, it’s a science lesson out of a Hollywood horror show.

We can’t imagine, either, people paying for such a morbid display. Is there truly no class left in people?