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Members of the public line up outside City Hall to cast their ballot on the last day of early voting, Tuesday, October 27, 2020, in Baton Rouge, La.

The following are the endorsements of The Times-Picayune's editorial board. We urge voters to look at the candidates and issues and cast an informed ballot.

U.S. Senate: Bill Cassidy

U.S. Congress: Steve Scalise

U.S. Congress: Cedric Richmond

Public Service Commission District 1: Eric Skrmetta

Orleans Parish District Attorney: Keva Landrum

Louisiana Supreme Court District 7: Terri Love

District Attorney for the 22nd JDC: Warren Montgomery

Orleans Parish School Board

  • District 1: John Brown
  • District 2: Ethan Ashley
  • District 3: Olin Parker
  • District 4: J.C. Romero
  • District 5: Katherine Baudouin
  • District 6: Carlos Zervigon
  • District 7: Nolan Marshall Jr.

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Amendment 1: abortion lawsuits — No recommendation

The Legislature has enacted the nation's sharpest restrictions on abortion rights. This amendment seeks to limit state courts' ability to undermine those statutes should the U.S. Supreme Court return power over abortion to legislatures. 

Amendment 2: drilling rigs tax assessments — Yes

The amendment would allow market-value assessments on drilling equipment, to settle long-standing disputes between industry and parish tax assessors.

Amendment 3: ‘rainy day funds’ for disasters — Yes

The amendment allows up to a third of the state’s “rainy day” fund to be used when government needs ready cash, in part to meet mandated matches for federal aid.

Amendment 4: budget restriction — No

Louisiana formally has a budget restriction amendment. This is another version by anti-government legislators who have been unable to convince their peers that drastically cutting services — the result of budget limits — is a good idea in a poor state that needs more spending on education, health and other needs, not wants.

Amendment 5: corporate tax payments — No

If you’re a politician, you want to spend as much money as you can for four years, to get reelected. That’s the kind of short-term thinking that underlies the “payments in lieu of taxes,” or PILOT proposals like this one. Corporate interests would be delighted to trade cash upfront to shed long-term obligations like property taxes, and local politicians will be easy marks for these deals.

Amendment 6: property tax exemption income — No

This removes an income limit for getting freezes for some homestead exemptions. This is political, a nod to the wealthiest retiree households who can pay their property taxes, which in Louisiana are small bills compared to those in most every other state.

Amendment 7: unclaimed property fund — Yes

While there is a small cost to the state general fund, the Treasurer’s Office will be able to better manage the distribution of unclaimed money with a new trust fund established by the amendment.

Sports wagering — Yes

This proposition on every parish ballot allows sports betting, under rules to be established by the Legislature and the Gaming Control Board. 

Jefferson Parish inspector general millage renewal — Yes

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