G2 Net-Zero LNG

A rendering shows what the LNG export terminal by Baton Rouge-based G2 Net-Zero LNG would look like when completed in Cameron Parish. 

Politicians have made a fine art of keeping a straight face while spouting hypocrisies, but folks in Louisiana won’t miss the absurdity of the Biden administration’s request that OPEC boost oil production as the world’s economies recover from the pandemic.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan made the request, saying production increases already planned are “simply not enough” to offset rising gasoline prices.

The administration is anxious to keep a lid on inflation after consumer prices rose 5.4% in July over a year ago.

It’s all too preposterous for folks here in Louisiana.

Perhaps a better alternative would be to abandon the counterproductive campaign to freeze federal oil leases. Do we really want an energy policy that restricts production of U.S. energy, and returns us to the days of America's dependence on foreign oil sources?

And the administration might also stop pushing out money to stimulate an economy that is already growing on its own.

The United States has spent a half-century working to get out of OPEC’s grip by using our know-how to make our cars and power plants more efficient and build up our domestic energy industry.

It hardly makes sense to slide back toward the 1970s.

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