hybrid retirement plan 032618

Cindy Rougeou, LASERS executive director, and Steven Procopio, policy director at the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, after the Senate Retirement Committee in 2018 advanced legislation that would create a hybrid retirement plan for some state workers.

Congratulations to Steven Procopio who is the new president of the Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana, succeeding the retiring Robert Travis Scott.

Leading PAR have been some of the most significant figures in the modern political history of Louisiana, such as Mark Drennen and the late Ed Steimel. It is an important job because of the 71-year-old organization’s reputation for in-depth analysis of public policy.

It is the elder of the public-policy shops that help research critical issues and thus drive policy at the State Capitol. This role is even more important given the vast turnover in the term-limited Legislature in 2019 elections. And, of course, Scott had to lead the organization through the crisis of the pandemic, still very much with us.

We congratulate Scott and wish the best for Procopio’s time at the helm of PAR.