Traffic I-12 Baton Rouge Louisiana

At least two letters have been written to The Advocate about lawyers and our high insurance rates, which is one of the highest in the nation. We complain about all of their advertising on television, radio, newspapers and many other means of advertising. That is what they do to make money. Advertising is not cheap or attorneys. We blame the Legislature when attorneys make up many of our elected officials and know fully that the lobbyists run the Legislature. We blame the insurance commissioner for not fighting to lower our rates when the last I heard, companies can raise their rates up to 10% per year without appearing before the commission. If so, who approved this?

We complain that our roads, highways, and bridges need much work when we know we are decades behind, with many more vehicles today than decades ago, when the massive need started. Many of us moved to other parishes for peace and quiet, only to find out they are busting out at the growth.

Money will continue to leave our wallets when 47% of our drivers do not carry any insurance or only the lowest amount of liability. Today, we better carry all of the under-insured motorist insurance we can afford.

We would not have the above issues if we blamed those truly at fault, and that is ourselves and the manner which we operate our vehicles. Getting a driver's license supposedly shows we know the traffic laws, so the truth lies in “personal responsibility” in the most dangerous activity the average person does every day.

H.B. Billingsley

retired law enforcement officer