Aerial of the Comite Diversion Canal. Looking west. Mississippi River at top.

For many years, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have dithered on building a canal between the Comite and Mississippi rivers to help prevent flooding during high water in the Amite River basin.

That was ground zero of the dramatic and severely damaging floods of 2016. It takes a tragedy to kick-start government. Now, the construction of the Comite canal is underway.

The project languished even though property owners in Baton Rouge area parishes have been paying taxes for the local match for years.

It’s not the final solution to flooding in this region — nothing could have prevented severe flooding in 2016 — but it is going to be a real help one day. We congratulate the state’s leadership, particularly our delegation in Congress, for finally getting this diversion canal on the road to final completion.

That is good news for capital region parishes.