As a longtime politics correspondent for National Public Radio, Mara Liasson is familiar with the phenomenon of confirmation bias, in which news consumers sample only the information that underscores what they already believe.

Speaking to an audience in Baton Rouge last week, Liasson hinted that confirmation bias could be one reason many critics of President Donald Trump see him as easily beatable in next year’s election. But Liasson, who headlined a luncheon for supporters of Baton Rouge public radio station WRKF, said the president’s prospects for reelection are still formidable.

Though Trump’s fellow Republicans took a beating in last year’s congressional elections, “midterms are not always good predictors of the next election,” Liasson told listeners. “Obama and (Bill) Clinton both lost midterms, then went on to win reelection.”

And while Trump remains controversial, “campaigns are not always a referendum on the incumbent,” Liasson added. All of which means there’s still plenty of volatility in the ongoing race for the White House. It should make for vivid theater, an aspect of politics Louisianans are accustomed to navigating.