Two veteran prosecutors, both experienced in the federal courts, are headed to key positions in Baton Rouge and New Orleans in the new Trump administration.

Brandon Fremin has been announced by the White House as the new U.S. attorney for the Middle District, covering the nine-parish Baton Rouge area. A former federal prosecutor, Fremin has been working in the criminal division of state Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office.

Peter Strasser, a partner at the Chaffe McCall law firm and a former longtime federal prosecutor and legal attaché for the U.S. Department of Justice, is expected to be nominated as the next U.S. attorney for Louisiana’s Eastern District, metropolitan New Orleans.

A third U.S. attorney, serving the Western District that covers much of the rest of the state, is still to be named.

These are strong candidates, and we might add that they would succeed two successful appointees from President Barack Obama’s administration, Walt Green in Baton Rouge and Kenneth Polite in New Orleans. Both earned plaudits as leaders in law enforcement and are respected for their service. These are important positions not only because of the federal role in fighting white-collar crime, but because federal assistance in targeting drug dealers and firearms violations are important to local jurisdictions.

We hope, almost a full year into the new administration, that the U.S. Senate will act quickly on such highly qualified individuals. These strike us as nonpolitical appointments that should be moved more easily through the confirmation process, required by the Constitution, because both had extensive prior federal service.