Kennedy Landry

U.S. Sen. John Kennedy, left, and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry

Nobody appears to relish the idea of going head to head with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards more than Attorney General Jeff Landry, who has battled with the administration over health care, the death penalty, LGBTQ rights and more.

Unless it’s U.S. Sen. John Kennedy.

But there’s really only room for one of them in next year’s governor’s contest, and Landry’s Wednesday announcement that he’ll run again for his own job adds yet another piece of evidence pointing to a Kennedy gubernatorial candidacy. Over the summer, Landry issued a call for Republicans to unite behind one challenger to the Democratic governor, and said that if nobody else steps up, he’d do it.

Businessman Eddie Rispone has already announced his plans to get in. Kennedy has said he’ll make his decision by Dec. 1, but lots of folks believe he already has.

He sure was sounding like a candidate — and like Landry — earlier in the day, when he issued a call for state Health Secretary Rebekah Gee to step down in light of a damning legislative audit, which found that her department may have spent as much as $85 million on Medicaid expansion for people who didn’t qualify (Gee responded that the department is upgrading its system to determine eligibility).

Kennedy also said he would author federal legislation to crack down on such problems.

“The report is stunning. It is breathtaking. There are not words in English to describe what our Legislative Auditor found,” he wrote in a press release.

Of course, Kennedy, who has earned a reputation in his short time in Washington as the Senate’s most colorful quote, is never actually at a loss for words. If this keeps up for a full year, we all might wish he were.

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