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Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Gov. Bobby Jindal talks about his tenure as Governor, as his two terms in office wind down.

It took longer than it does for many ex-politicians, a full year and half, but former Gov. Bobby Jindal is officially moving on.

Jindal, who dropped his long-planned but poorly-received presidential bid in the fall of 2015 and who left the Governor's Mansion in January, 2016, recently alerted friends via e-mail to friends that he's joining an L.A.-based global investment management firm. As an operating advisor with Ares Management, Jindal, who once ran Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals and later served as an assistant health secretary for President George W. Bush, said he'd be focusing first on the health care sector and then branching out from there.

The news answers those what-ever-happened-to questions that come up every now and then, mostly because Jindal retreated so quickly from the public stage. Jindal once spoke far and wide on a host of issues, but he's kept a low profile since leaving office, both in Louisiana and nationally.

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Not that the people he worked with, or represented, have forgotten. His name still comes up often in political chitchat, mostly in vain among those who hold him responsible for exacerbating the state's ongoing budget woes. In one of the races on this fall's ballot, candidates for state treasurer are busy underplaying their own ties to his administration and support for his policies.

It's no surprise that he found what's surely a lucrative landing pad. That's how it generally goes for politicians who've held high office. That it took this long, though, underscores the dramatic trajectory of Jindal's career. Once a precocious, fast-climbing standout who won his two successful gubernatorial races without breaking a sweat, he's now just another former pol who didn't live up to his billing. And those are a dime a dozen.

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