The Krewe du Vieux rolls through the Marigny and French Quarter Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019, to the theme, ‘City of Yes, Yes, Oh God, Yes.’ King Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington and Queen Michelle Bushey reigned over 1,000 members in 17 sub-krewes. The Krewe Delusion followed KDV, parading to the theme, ‘Episode 10: Think Locally, Act Globally.’ Lois Andrews Nelson, known as Mother of Music and Captain of New Orleans, reigned as queen.

Each Carnival season is different, but for those who traffic in the topical, there are a few evergreen subjects. They include the state of New Orleans’ streets, and drainage system, and police department, as well as the state of the nation — specifically that gift that keeps on giving, President Donald Trump.

This year, add one more top-shelf topic: The state of the NFL, specifically the state of officiating in the league, and even more specifically the state of officiating during that one terrible call late in the NFC championship game.

The season kicked off in earnest over the weekend, when the irreverent Krewe du Vieux paraded through the French Quarter. And sure enough, there was a ref with a yellow flag stuck in his mouth, an eye chart that read “If you can read this you have better eyesight than all refs in the NFL…,” some zebras feeling their way down the street with canes, and a float depicting a ref surrounded by yellow crime scene tape and reading a rule book upside down.

Expect much more of the same as the bigger krewes start rolling, and of course on Mardi Gras, when the individual costumers come out. Pro tip: If you don’t have your striped shirt or yellow fabric yet, it may be too late.

Trump has long since established that he doesn’t appreciate being satirized, and I'm quite sure he wouldn’t like Carnival one bit. This year, he’d likely have company in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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