Gov. John Bel Edwards’ plan to seek reelection never even qualified as the state’s worst-kept secret. He’s been talking openly about his intention for as long as I can remember.

Still, with the release of a three-minute video announcement Tuesday morning, the campaign is now officially launched. And while Edwards used it to tout familiar accomplishments — Medicaid expansion, the arrival of some big economic development projects, investments in education and hard-fought budget stability after he inherited a $2 billion shortfall — a few things did stand out.

One is that Edwards is pitching himself as a tax-cutter, which is sure to draw objections from his Republican opponents. So expect to revisit the mind-bending debate from last year over whether first instituting a temporary sales tax then extending it at a lower rate amounts to raising taxes, or reducing them.

Another is that, while Edwards is going to keep pushing for some of his more progressive aims, things like a higher minimum wage and a teacher pay increase, he’s not going to play up his party ID. Nowhere in the video did he mention that he’s a Democrat.

A third is that part of Edwards’ game plan is to link his critics to his predecessor Gov. Bobby Jindal, the man who left that huge budget hole and exited office with truly dreadful approval ratings. Speaking of the partisan and outside money groups that he expects to come after him, Edwards said that “we must never forget what their biggest and most sincere complaint is: They aren’t happy with where we are today, because they prefer where we were three years ago.”

Now those are some fighting words.

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