The best campaign ads make people sit up and take notice. So give U.S Rep. Garret Graves credit for achieving that much when he released a new reelection ad in which he speaks from busy Interstate 10.

It certainly got state Transportation and Development Secretary Shawn Wilson’s attention, because it’s technically illegal — and definitely dangerous — for pedestrians to wander out onto the interstate.

“I would say officially my hope is others don’t try it,” Wilson told The Advocate last week.

That said, Wilson has no complaints with the accomplishment Graves was touting, and his constituents are probably with him on that.

Declaring the stretch where traffic narrows to one lane near the Washington Street exit “stupid,” Graves uses the ad to describe landing money to improve the exit and otherwise ease the notorious Baton Rouge traffic.

Graves is a Republican and Wilson serves a Democrat, but this is definitely one priority that transcends party labels.

So, by the way, should Wilson's warning to be careful out there. 

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