Hands-down, U.S. Sen. John Kennedy has emerged as Congress’s most prolific quipster. Surely some Louisianan voters have tired of the Vanderbilt, University of Virginia and Oxford-trained lawyer’s folksy sayings by now — please, can we retire the bit about drinking weed killer? — but they’ve been all the rage in the year and a half since he headed to Washington.

DC journalists have even compiled lists of Kennedy’s most memorable lines: A Supreme Court justice should be a “cross between Socrates and Dirty Harry.” A controversial federal contract makes it look “like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the mini-bar.” And then there was the memorable one-liner about how “our country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by idiots.”

He’s still got some competition back home, though.

Tuesday, after news broke that Kennedy had gone on talk radio and issued a preposterous call for Gov. John Bel Edwards to resign, the reaction was swift and noisy. Perhaps the catchiest response came on Twitter from Karen St. Germain, Edwards’ commissioner of the Office of Motor Vehicles and a former Democratic state representative from Plaquemine.

“Wow,” St. Germain wrote. “I knew he was always off his rocker but the rocker just fell off the porch.”

Touché, Commissioner St. Germain. Kennedy couldn’t have said it better himself. And you know, he’s pretty good at this.

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