Angele Davis on July 28, 2017

Angele Davis talks about her budget writing philosophy during a July 28, 2017 interview at the State Capitol.

State treasurer candidate Angele Davis has never been elected to anything, but she's worked for a bunch of people who have. You might have heard of some of them: Mike Foster, Mitch Landrieu, Bobby Jindal.

That's apparently not what she wants voters to know about her, according to a new ad that her campaign is promoting on Twitter. Instead, she spends the whole commercial talking about a politician who's even more controversial than any of her former bosses. Guy by the name of Donald Trump.

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So instead of hearing about the administrative experience and expertise Davis picked up as deputy commissioner of administration under Foster, secretary of culture, recreation and tourism when Landrieu was lieutenant governor, and commissioner of administration during Jindal's early days as governor, voters hear Davis defending the president against those ever-present nemeses, the "liberal media" and "establishment politicians" who "just don't have his back." While Trump's words may offend, she insists that he's right on the issues.

What does any of this have to do with being treasurer, you might ask? Good question.

A better question is what it has to do with running for treasurer in this fall's strange field.

Davis, a Republican despite her past association with the Democratic New Orleans mayor, is facing two Republican lawmakers with conservative voting records, state Sen. Neil Riser and former state Rep. John Schroder, in the Oct. 14 primary, along with a single little-known Democrat, lawyer Derrick Edwards.

Given her background, Davis could have tried to make a run up the middle, to appeal to moderate Republicans and Democrats who don't think Edwards can win. Instead, she's ceding one runoff spot to Edwards and trying to run up the right in pursuit of the other slot on the November ballot.

It's a big gamble, given that the lane Davis has chosen is already pretty crowded. And even if the strategy works, it carries a pretty significant downside.

Davis may well convince some Trump admirers that they might like her. But she's also making it perfectly clear to the president's detractors that they probably won't.

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