Steve Scalise gives a thumbs up to supporters with his wife Jennifer Scalise, daughter Madison Scalise, and son Harrison Scalise at his side during his election night party in Metairie, La. Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2018. Scalise is set to serve his sixth term in Congress.

It looks like newly re-elected U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise is going to keep at least one election season promise. After watching his party lose its House majority in a slow-motion but ultimately decisive defeat, he reiterated his pledge to stay in Washington for the full two-year term rather than come home and challenge Gov. John Bel Edwards for reelection next year.

This is exactly what Scalise has said he’d do all along, but his earlier comments came when he was still campaigning hard to save enough fellow House members to keep Republicans in control. Had that happened, Scalise would likely have moved up a notch from majority whip to majority leader, or perhaps even replaced the retiring Paul Ryan as House speaker.

Meanwhile, some well-placed fans back home were busy speculating that he’d change his tune should he find himself in the minority. When reminded of Scalise’s denial, they noted that former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said he wasn’t going to run in 2010, until he did.

No such luck. Scalise is now otherwise occupied promoting a new book that recounts his shooting and recovery last year, adjusting to his new role as minority whip (for which he ran unopposed) and plotting out a plan to regain power in two years. Asked for the umpteenth time this week whether he’s considering a campaign for governor, Scalise had this to say: “No. That came up a lot even during the last few months, and I said I’m not running for governor.”

Spoken like someone who really, truly, means it.

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