Team compiled for Bobby Jindal's expected presidential run full of faces familiar to Louisiana _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS. Timmy Teepell, Bobby Jindal's former chief of staff, speaks to the Baton Rouge Press Club Monday during its weekly luncheon. Teepell, now a partner in the political consulting firm OnMessage, discussed education reform and upcoming elections.

Sometimes old political operatives don’t fade away, they just move on to a different state. Such is the case with the crew that once tried to mold ex-Gov. Bobby Jindal into national material, according to The Kansas City Star.

In a piece damningly headlined “Out-of-state political consultants helped direct Josh Hawley’s Missouri AG office,” the paper reports that Timmy Teepell has embedded himself in the official office of Josh Hawley, a Republican who’s challenging Democratic U.S. Senate incumbent Claire McCaskill for reelection. Teepell was Jindal’s lead political strategist back when Jindal was positioning himself for his failed 2016 presidential, serving as in-house chief of staff for a spell and later as an outside consultant.

Teepell has no government role in Missouri and is not on the attorney general office's payroll, but the Star reported that he’s actively participating in governmental activities, to the confusion of some employees. He and his team “gave direct guidance and tasks to his taxpayer-funded staff, and followed up to ensure the tasks were completed,” according to emails obtained by the paper. Among the topics covered were budgeting, staffing and attention-getting policy initiatives against opioid abuse and human trafficking.

At Teepell’s side, the paper reports, is another consultant named Gail Gitcho, who worked for Jindal’s presidential SuperPAC. The story doesn’t mention this part, but Hawley has another major Jindal link: Kyle Plotkin, Jindal’s communication aide and eventually chief of staff, is his campaign manager.

This is all a far cry from what Hawley promised when he was first elected two years ago.

“To the political establishment in Jefferson City, those of you, consultants and the lobbyists and the professional political class who’ve gotten used to running our state — your day is over, business as usual is done,” he said back then.

I guess that memo got lost somewhere between Missouri and Louisiana.

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