President Donald Trump’s proposed budget, like just about every budget submitted by every president, will not be passed by Congress. It will not even be taken all that seriously — and based on much of what’s in it, from money for the border wall that Congress has already rejected to steep cutbacks in future Medicare and Medicaid spending, it shouldn’t be.

But one idea in the budget is promising, particularly for Louisiana. As he said he’d do in his State of the Union speech, Trump proposed $291 million in mostly new spending to combat the spread of HIV and AIDS. According to The Washington Post, much of that would be steered to areas hit hardest.

That would mean some serious resources for places such as Baton Rouge and New Orleans, which came in first and third in a 2015 ranking of cities with the highest infection rates.

President Trump's pledge to end HIV/AIDS epidemic could mean big boost to Louisiana's efforts

The priority does seem to conflict with other general Trump positions, including the administration’s opposition to the Affordable Care Act and its attitude toward disproportionately affected groups, particularly racial minorities and LGBTQ people. Still, the congressional Democrat who oversees the key House Appropriations Health subcommittee, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut, told the Post that she’s encouraged by the proposal despite her concerns over other administration policies. This could be one idea out of the budget that has enough bipartisan support to earn a serious hearing.

How’s that for a novel approach to governing?

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