Walt Handelsman: New Cartoon Caption Contest Winners!

We had 127 entries in this week’s caption contest. We already knew our readers were very clever, but these punch lines were downright electric!

The winner and finalists are:


Nick Champion, Baton Rouge (punch line lettered into cartoon)


Charles Vaughan, Grand Prairie, TX: “Now, let’s see how HE likes a shock collar!”

John Bayer-Russell, New Orleans: “He gets so high strung this time of year.”

Brenda Irvin, Baton Rouge: “It’s beginning to look a lot LIGHT Christmas!”

Charlie Twickler, New Orleans: “Pets DO brighten up people’s lives!!!”

Woody Crochet, Metairie: “That should put some Ho-Ho-Ho in his BAH-Humbug.”

Jay Fox, Madisonville: “It’s times like this I miss Al Copeland the most.”

Ms. Gay Wyatt, Metairie: “He’ll be shocked to find out we decided to help him this year!”

Ed Bassler, Covington: “Let’s put the Christmas star on his head and call it a day!”

Well done, folks!!! ~ Walt

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