An occasional breeze and some shade-casting clouds were what most runners in Sunday's Louisiana Marathon were hoping for.

But Sunday’s mild, 60- to 70-degree day was a little humid for some of the competitors, including men's winner Ryan Schafbuch.

Schafbuch crossed the finish line structure in 2 hours, 33 minutes, 36 seconds — a personal record.

“Went about as well as I expected given the weather conditions,” he said. “Quite a warm race for a marathon; the humidity, I think, had an effect on me as well. Given the weather conditions, I think I ran really well.”

Schafbuch, a 29-year-old Purdue student originally from Iowa, spent the weekend in Louisiana with a contingent of running friends before striding to his first marathon win.

Sunday was Schafbuch’s second time in the Louisiana Marathon. He also competed in 2015, running through LSU, around the university’s neighboring lakes and through the city’s neighborhoods before returning to the front lawn of the state capitol building.

Schafbuch doesn’t have any immediate racing aspirations. He plans to participate in two marathons a year, and he cashed in on one of those trips Sunday.

“The course is really nice,” he said. “It’s a pretty fast course, if the weather is permitting. It’s relatively flat with just a few hills throughout it. For the most part, it’s pretty flat and fast. It’s scenic.”

Megan Valentine, a 38-year-old from Jericho, Vermont, was the first female to finish, in 3:10:42.

"First time down in Baton Rouge ... it's hot here," she said. "It was just a little warm, but it was very nice."

To Kevin Castille, a 44-year-old from Lafayette, the weather wasn’t an issue. In the half marathon, he paced to a top time of 1:07:28, speeding through each mile at pace of 5:01.

“I didn’t find it too bad, too humid,” said Castille, the cross country and track coach at St. Thomas More who won this event last year. “Didn’t have any trouble with the weather.”

A little more than 20 minutes behind Castille, Baton Rouge’s Andrea Linck was the first female half-marathon runner to stride into the finish chute, at 1:30:56.

Sunday's event hosted 1,421 marathon runners and 2,843 half-marathon racers.