LSU is offering a new option for buying football tickets, formerly one of the hottest commodities in Louisiana before high definition TV's and other changes shook up the ticket marketplace.

The offer, called the flex pass, costs $360 for seven vouchers that can be redeemed for any of the seven regular-season games in Tiger Stadium.

Seat locations vary, and only two vouchers can be used for the season's highest-profile games — Georgia on Oct. 13 and Alabama on Nov. 3.

Tickets are delivered digitally to iPhone or Androids 24 hours before the game.

"It is brand-new to the public," said Associate Athletic Director Brian Broussard, who oversees ticket sales.

The price is the same as many season tickets in the east and west upper decks.

But buyers can pick and choose their games, which answers a longtime complaint from some season ticket holders about pricey tickets to see blowouts against non-conference opponents.

The limited roll-out, if successful, may be expanded in future seasons.

More importantly, the package helps show how college and professional football officials are scrambling to get fans away from their 65-inch HDTV's, and into stadiums.

It is also another sign that football tickets are more available for LSU home games than they used to be, even with one of the nation's most fervent college fan bases.

Gobs of tickets are listed for LSU home games on StubHub, and start at $6 per ticket for the Southeastern Louisiana University, Louisiana Tech and Rice University contests.

Season ticket sales, about 70,000, remain tops in the Southeastern Conference.

But that total is down from years past, and fans can still buy season tickets less than a month before the season starts.

In addition, the drop in renewals, the new option for Skyline Club tickets and other changes meant season ticket holders had more options to upgrade their seating location than in past years.

LSU faculty and staff used to have to have their names drawn from a lottery to buy discounted football tickets.

Now they can freely buy those tickets, and get a refund on the extra charge — called the Tradition Fund — that other fans pay.

Also, the flex pass is one of three ticket packages aimed at what once seemed unthinkable -- trying to lure fans into Tiger Stadium.

One is a four-game package, with options for two high-profile games and two lesser contests.

Also, in honor of LSU playing its 125th football season, fans can buy tickets for the Ole Miss or Mississippi State games and get a $25 discount on individual game prices for the Southeastern, Louisiana Tech and Rice games.  

Earlier this year LSU officials announced that Tradition Fund fees would remain the same for the 2018 season, and be trimmed for some seats that are hard to sell.

The school is also lowering the price of some stadium parking passes.

The price reductions come amid a wide range of customer complaints, from modest success on the field in recent years to traffic problems on game day.

Broussard said the school has taken steps to address some of the gripes, including improved stadium concessions and remodeled bathrooms.

Capacity at Tiger Stadium is 102,321, a tall hurdle even with outstanding teams.

LSU is forecast to finish near the bottom of the SEC West amid a rugged schedule, NFL defections and questions about quarterback play.

Away game tickets are another issue.

LSU has returned about 2,500 tickets for the Auburn contest, an early season showdown and one of biggest away games of the year.

"We definitely did return some to Auburn," Broussard said.

"That is a nationwide thing that everyone is trying to keep their eyes on," he said. 

"Visiting teams are not taking as many tickets," Broussard said.

"We are guilty of that as well," he added. "We are still trying to identify what those reasons are."

Broussard said LSU has sold about 12,000 tickets for the season opener against the University of Miami in Arlington, Texas on Sept. 2.

He said a "few thousand" are available, and mostly in less desirable seating areas.

Broussard said the new flex passes are aimed at fans who live outside Baton Rouge and was first tried with recent LSU graduates.

"We are trying to reach a broader audience with fans that may not want to make every game," he said.

Buyers can also purchase additional vouchers for $40 each.

Broussard said challenges faced by LSU are similar to those at Alabama and Notre Dame, where football tickets are also available.

Season tickets are generally either $360 or $425, not counting Tradition Fund fees for the right to buy the seat.

Single game tickets will carry a face value of up to $250 for top games.

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