Roger Biggs (right), poses with friends Rich Holmes (left) and Jack Brooks.

Roger Biggs regretted it.

After completing his 869th marathon Sunday at the Louisiana Marathon in 4 hours, 50 minutes, 56 seconds, the 68-year-old from Stevenage, England, knew something wasn’t right.

“I didn’t feel good today,” said Biggs, who is the first man from the United Kingdom to complete a marathon in all 50 states. “Obviously, eating at IHOP just wasn’t the food I should’ve been eating. … I felt like absolute rubbish today.”

Biggs is one of three people from the U.K. who have completed a marathon in all 50 states. He has conquered 93 counties in the British Isles, too.

“I did numbers 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 here in the States,” he said. “I’ve been counting.”

Roughly 22,784 miles of marathon running later, Biggs remembered his most memorable moment involved "that bloody rabbit suit," he laughed.

In a marathon back home in England, he charged all 26.2 miles in a furry costume — big ears attached to his head and all.

“What had I gotten myself into?” he said of a race more than 500 marathons ago. “Why did I do that?"

Biggs spent most of his life in good condition, suffering from just one lingering lower Achilles injury that made him contemplate surgery after nearly two years of continuous stress on the tendon.

“About the time I got around to making the decision on surgery, it was improved enough,” he said.

While healthy this January, Biggs' trip across the Atlantic Ocean — which included a two-night stay in New Orleans before Sunday — also featured race No. 868 in Mobile, Alabama, on Jan. 8.

He has raced in Louisiana three times — in Lafayette, New Orleans and now Baton Rouge. Competing in a state that often is rare for Biggs, though. And it’s not something he'll continue.

Now 131 races away from marathon No. 1,000, he wants to race in different places rather than speed his way to the milestone.

“You really want to go to ones you’ve only done once,” he said. “I really don’t want to use the same event more than once.”

His 1,000th marathon will come into sight soon enough, but it wasn’t on his mind Sunday. To Biggs, running two races per weekend to speed his way to 1,000 doesn’t excite him. Nevertheless, No. 1,000 is coming.

“I’d rather do other things,” he said calmly.

Jack Brooks, his friend and racing and traveling partner from the U.K., quickly interrupted: “Oh, he’ll care more about it once the time gets nearer."

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