A lot to begin to catch up in this bowling reporter’s notebook, and we should start with four people who will be honored Sunday at All-Star Lanes.

The Baton Rouge Bowling Association will host its annual meeting at 11:30 a.m. Sunday at All-Star, and the highlight will be the induction of four members to the local bowling hall of fame.

Members of the 2020 and 2021 class will be inducted. Three will be inducted on the basis of bowling accomplishments — Troy Cedotal and Kenny Winstead for 2020 and Patsy Dew for 2021. All-Star general manager Mike LaCroix will be inducted in the meritorious service category.

We don’t have the space to go through all the qualifications that make them inductees. Suffice to say that Cedotal and Winstead have been and continue to be very good at what they do. They are the type of people you want to bowl with and be around, and that’s hopefully the best compliment.

Dew had a great bowling career in Baton Rouge, before heading to Colorado Springs and has now returned after earning even more acclaim. She had a historic win when she captured the 1994 open BR championship scratch all-events.

LaCroix has done that difficult job of balancing a bowling center that is a good tournament and league location, while also keeping the entertainment center atmosphere available for the casual bowler and family groups. Now as his staff tries to strike the gentle balance of helping those leagues displaced by the closing of Circle Bowl, it is not unusual to see near full houses Monday through Thursday nights of league bowlers.

Summers In SASBA

Randy Summers recently captured his 12th Senior All-Star Bowling Association title, taking the 70 and over title in the age bracket tourney in Houston at Emerald Bowl. Summers rallied in the final game to defeat Gene Rivers for the title.

His 12 titles have come since 2004, with five in the past 15 months.

The SASBA makes a long-awaited return to Baton Rouge on May 15-16 at All-Star for a 60/50/Guest Trio event. The qualifying begins at 11 a.m. May 15 and around $2,200 is being added to the prize fund for this one. There will also be sweepers event hour from 1-4 p.m. on May 14 for those coming in to bowl.

Anchor Lady Trio

The 23rd renewal drew 401 team entries to AMF Kenner and the team of Prinic Lewis, Darrell Woodrin and Felecia Byes took the honor with a score of 2,322. Woodrin was also on the second-place team with Darrin Thomas Sr. and Deidra Johnson at 2,282. The top three was rounded out by Darrell Doucette III, Sedric Withrow and Keondra Eaton at 2,263.

First place was guaranteed at $3,600 and the Southern Impact Bowling Club paid off 40 places. Last year there were 305 entries. This was the 10th time the tournament was won on the last day.

High School Playoffs

Finally, just some quick comments on last week’s playoffs. In the end, the winners weren’t surprises — Brother Martin and Archbishop Chapelle. But Central’s girls made Chapelle work for every point and were very close to the biggest upset in the playoffs.

I really think all Crusaders coach Bruce Himbert has to say to his team is the word “playoffs” and they take it up another notch. Brother Martin has won five overall and three straight. I’m not sure how they won’t win more. At some point soon, I will take a deep dive in this space on a lot of high school thoughts I have.

We will have the state Adult-Youth results in our next visit on May 18 along with SASBA results. Until then, good luck and good bowling.