After concentrating on the high school championships, the bowling notebook is full of items we need to get to, starting with the latest inductee into the Greater Baton Rouge Association.

His name is Duke Koontz and he is a worthy addition to the local Hall with a long resume’ of bowling success.

Let’s start with 29 perfect 300 games and nine sets of 800 or more, topped by an 854 and a career high average of 236 with six total season averages of over 220.

Throw in association and state titles and you certainly have a candidate who was an easy choice in the superior performance category.

He was inducted at the Association’s annual meeting on April 6.

March BR Singles

We need to go back and get you these final results of the March event at Circle Bowl which was won by Aaron Jones of Lake Charles who averaged 240 for the tournament off a 233 entering average. He won the first prize of just over $3,500 by defeating Anthony Jones Jr. of Texas in the final match. Jones, a 199 average bowler, averaged 216 for the event and a check of over $1,700 went his way.

Semifinalists were Cory Ledet of New Orleans (243 average in the event off a 233 entering average) and Josh Phillips of Baton Rouge (218 tourney average off an entering 191). Both earned $737 for their efforts.

Joe Calvaruso and Gregory Snee, both of Baton Rouge, finished in the top eight, earning $490 each, while Robbie Blackwell (BR), Vincent Capitano III (NO), Darrin Senegal (BR), John Taylor (Slidell) and Tyler Wright (BR) made the round of 16 to earn $280.

Wright in the qualifying round set a house record with a score of 869 (269-300-300).

Here’s an interesting tidbit for this long-running local tournament. Since 1990, which is as far as computer records go back for this event, which started in 1973, there have been 4,828 individual bowlers to participate in the tournament over the years and a total of $1,633,052.10 has been awarded in prize money, including just under $18,000 last month. The next event is in August.

State Open event

The Louisiana State Open event is coming in June in the Shreveport-Bossier City area and the deadline is fast approaching on May 1.

The event is set for June 1-2, 8-9 and after a weekend off, June 22-23. The team event will be held at All-Star Lanes in Shreveport with doubles and singles at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City. Entry blanks and information can be found at the bowling centers around the area.

PBA playoffs continue

The PBA playoffs will continue on Monday nights through the rest of the month of May on FS1 from Portland, Maine and so far it has been as raucous as expected at the now famous Bayside Bowl. The noise of the PBA League has now come to a playoff format that will award $100,000 to the winner when this all ends in early June.

The matches were all taped last week up to the semifinals when the last four standing will return to Portland for the semifinals and finals which will air live on Fox on June 1-2.

Again, I remind bowling fans, let’s make sure those TV sets are on bowling on Monday nights at your local centers. Bowling at a bowling center, makes sense, doesn’t it?

High school thought

Those of us who attended the two days of high school championships at All-Star Lanes left feeling pretty good about our sport on the prep level. How far this sport has come in 15 years is amazing, but there is still a long way to go. The bracketed playoffs with a finite number of teams is a great thing, but there are some tweaks that need to be made to the power rankings.

It did allow more than two BR-NOLA schools to get to the last four in the boys and the girls competition and again it proves by a wide margin that in team bowling, the strength is overwhelmingly in the BR-NOLA region.

The first question in singles that has to be answered is how many houses have enough lanes to host the event in one shift. That may be something that will be looked at moving forward. All-Star Lanes has enough room to get everyone in fairly comfortably, but when will others want their shot to host. At some point, a stepladder final after the four games of bowling needs to be added to make it a television friendly event that will get the finals streamed or televised.

Honor roll notes

Some great scores in the last couple of weeks, topped by the 816 (300 game) of Steve McIntyre and the 801 of Kenny Winstead (300 game) at Circle Bowl. Mary Mansur had the best women’s series with a 690, while Philip O’Neill had a 713 (279) to lead youth league play. Gary Zeringue (701) and Patsy Dew (625) were the best in senior league bowling.

Mark Saale also posted a 300 game, while Justin Bui (299) and Eric White (298) just missed. Frank Michelle and Lester Norwood also had 11 strike games of 290.

A reminder the state Pepsi Championship for youth bowlers is April 27-28 at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City, We’ll be back with you on April 30 and until then, good luck and good bowling.