The first time the LHSAA held a meeting to announce seeded football playoff pairings, coaches took turns crowding into a small room to find what the matchups were in each of five classes.

Electronic film exchanges eliminated the need for a meeting. And now there are five nonselect classes and four selection divisions.

However, speculation remains part of the process as the LHSAA prepares to announce its football playoff pairings in a live show at 11 a.m. Sunday on CST.  The speculation is part of the process for teams like Central (4-6) in Class 5A, Woodlawn (6-4) in 4A and Brusly (4-6) was in high gear  Saturday.

“These days just about everybody has a guru who figures power ratings,” Central coach Sid Edwards said. “To be honest with you, after our game ended Friday night I convinced myself it was over, that we wouldn’t get in the playoffs.

“Once we got back to school I was told we’d be in at No. 32, which would mean we would play West Monroe for the third time in the last few years. Then I got a call from Brew (Zachary coach David Brewerton) and his guy had us at 31.

“Guess we’ll wait and see what happens. I’ve been on all sides of this as a coach and believe the No. 32 or 31 earns a spot just like the No. 1 or 2 team does. You go play it.”

Edwards is not the only coach who knows a familiar foe may loom on the horizon. A year ago, an injured-riddled Woodlawn was a No. 32 seed that traveled to play top-seeded Neville. This season has been better, but the 6-4 Panthers appear to be slotted at No. 26 and would play Neville again, if the Tigers land at No. 7. 

“I can feel his (Edwards) pain,” Woodlawn coach Daniel Luquet said. “With 57 teams in 4A, you would think the odds of playing the same team twice in a row would be slim. It could be Leesville, but right now it sure looks like it will be Neville.”

Brusly coach Hoff Schooler finds himself on the outside looking in. His coaches have the Panthers projected at No. 33, one spot away from the playoff berth in Class 3A. The irony here is that District 6-3A rival Baker (3-7) is the team they have projected in that No. 32 spot. Brusly was No. 31 in the power rankings before Thursday’s loss to Madison Prep.

“You know how these things go,” said Schooler, Brusly's first-year coach. “There could be a forfeit or something people haven’t figured right. If that happens, maybe we get in. We’ll be watching.”

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