WHEN: Noon RECORDS: Oak Grove 13-0, Kentwood 11-2

HOW THEY GOT HERE: OAK GROVE: Beat No. 16 Slaughter Charter 44-0, No. 8 Oberlin 14-8, No. 5 West St. John 30-0; KENTWOOD: Beat No. 19 Merryville 34-6, No. 6 Basile 44-14, No. 2 Haynesville 20-14

STATE TITLES: OAK GROVE 4 (most recent 2001); KENTWOOD 8 (most recent 2015)

LAST TIME IN STATE FINAL: Oak Grove lost 42-20 to The Dunham School in 2004; Kentwood lost to 20-14 to West St. John in 2017

TOP STORYLINE: Same teams, higher stakes. A year ago, Kentwood beat Oak Grove 19-7 in a semifinal game played at OGHS with LSU commitment Trey Palmer making key plays. Palmer has returned from an ankle injury and is expected to be a pivotal player again.


OAK GROVE: A large defensive front led by junior tackle Keenan Caldwell provides the physicality that is the calling card for the Tigers. OGHS wants to control the game and its pace with its size on both sides of the ball. On offense, the Tigers prefer to run the ball early and often.

KENTWOOD: Speed is the Kangaroos' game. KHS needs to get the ball to its playmakers in space to gain an advantage. That same speed will be needed to shut down plays to the outside on defense. Palmer is projected as a receiver on the college level, but his impact on defense is just as significant for KHS.


OAK GROVE: DT Keenan Caldwell, DT Bert Hale, FB Wyatt Rawls, FB Otis Moore.

KENTWOOD: WR/DB Trey Palmer, LB Bryce Cooper, WR Ed Magee, WR Rodarrian Robbins.

PREDICTION: Robin Fambrough: Kentwood 22, Oak Grove 21


WHEN: 3:30 p.m. RECORDS: Ascension Catholic 12-1, Lafayette Christian 13-0

HOW THEY GOT HERE: ASCENSION CATHOLIC: Beat No. 15 Hanson Memorial 52-8, No. 10 Catholic-Pointe Coupee 66-20, No. 3 Vermilion Catholic 37-13; LAFAYETTE CHRISTIAN: Beat No. 13 Houma Christian 70-6, No. 5 Opelousas Catholic 56-14, No. 1 Southern Lab 35-20

STATE TITLES: Ascension Catholic 2 (most recent: 1992); Lafayette Christian 1 (2017)

LAST TIME IN STATE FINAL: Ascension Catholic lost 10-0 to Lafayette Christian in 2017; Lafayette Christian beat Ascension Catholic 10-0 in 2017

TOP STORYLINE: Back again. Both teams have matured since playing each other last year. Both are expected to have all their key players in the lineup this year, something that could make this game different than the one last fall.


ASCENSION CATHOLIC: The running back duo of Jai Williams and Jamar Barber has carried the bulk of the load for the Bulldogs for three years. The chance to display what it does best with its RB duo on the LHSAA’s biggest stage is huge motivation. The defense has displayed the knack for making key plays when it needs to.

LAFAYETTE CHRISTIAN: QB Zachary Clement is the catalyst for the LCA offense and will provide a different look than the one Ascension Catholic saw in 2017. An injury kept Clement out of multiple games a year ago, including the title game. The Knights have improved their offensive/defensive line play, offering a new wrinkle. 


ASCENSION CATHOLIC: RB/LB Jai Williams, QB/DB/WR/K/P Rodney Blanchard, RB/DB Jamar Barber, RT/DE Dillon Davis, FB/DE John Broussard.

LAFAYETTE CHRISTIAN: QB Zachary Clement, RB Logan Gabriel, WR Sage Ryan, LB Martin Lee III, WR Errol Rogers Jr.


Robin Fambrough: Ascension Catholic 35, Lafayette Christian 30


WHEN: 7 p.m. RECORDS: Notre Dame 12-0, Catholic-NI 11-1

HOW THEY GOT HERE: NOTRE DAME: Beat Episcopal 41-0, Newman 48-21; CATHOLIC-NI: Beat Dunham 35-7, Country Day 57-54

STATE TITLES: Notre Dame: 5 (last in 2015); Catholic-NI: 2 (last in 2017)

LAST TIME IN STATE FINAL: Notre Dame lost 33-16 to Catholic-NI in 2017; Catholic-NI beat Notre Dame 33-16 in 2017

TOP STORYLINE: Again ... and again? A year ago, the two district rivals played twice. Notre Dame won the district game and CHSNI won the LHSAA title game. The title-game rematch has followed the same formula so far. NDHS beat the Panthers 49-0 on Sept. 21. Can Catholic-NI repeat the 2017 feat? That is the key question.


NOTRE DAME: The Pioneers of coach Lewis Cook Jr. simply do what they do with RB Noah Bourgeois playing a key role for an offense that is traditionally efficient. The NDHS defense is a true pacesetter that relishes stopping opponents in their tracks.

CATHOLIC-NI: Trenayvian Amos is the name to know for the Panthers offense that is just as disciplined. Amos plays quarterback and has over 2,000 yards total offense, including 1,454 yards rushing. Like Notre Dame, Catholic-New Iberia also finds ways to impose its will on opponents.


NOTRE DAME: RB Bourgeois, QB Ben Broussard, LB Cody Leblanc, S Jacob Dore.

CATHOLIC-NI: QB Amos, RB Trey Henry, RB Zoe Cormier, DE Marlon Brown.


Robin Fambrough: Notre Dame 28, Catholic-NI 21