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Landon is a junior at Brusly High School. He has competed in the Special Olympics the last three years. He enjoys walking track and does so quickly. Landon makes A's and B's in the special education class. Landon has achieved so much since he changed to the special education and adaptive PE class. He works at McDonald's a few hours a week with his classmates. They are learning job skills and how to become more independent. He strives to always make good grades. He loves his teachers and classmates. Everyone always comments on how happy and well-mannered Landon is.

Autism hasn’t slowed down Brusly High’s Landon Dimm, The Advocate’s Boys Special Olympics Athlete of the Year.

Although he didn’t speak until age 6, he was able to communicate by writing and spelling words at age 4. He started speech therapy at age 2.

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Stacy Crescionne says her 18-year-old son talks nonstop now.

Dimm loves his adaptive PE class, which helped him prepare for the Special Olympics Capital Area Athletics Meet. He has competed the last four years and has won nine gold medals, one silver and one bronze.

Dimm has competed in the 100-meter walk, softball distance throw, long jump and the 50-meter run once. His favorite event is the softball throw. He’s increased his softball throw distance every year.

Dimm, a junior, is well-liked at school and is a friend to many. He even escorts classmates to the office to take medicine. He’s known for his excellent memory. He never forgets a birthday, and he remembers dates of events that happened years ago.

“Landon Dimm is a great kid and is always smiling,” Brusly PE coach Angela Hebert said. “He’s very friendly. He loves the PE class and loves competing in Special Olympics.”

Crescionne said she is proud of her son's achievements, not to mention his growth. 

“Landon loves his classmates and teachers,” she said. “He talks of them often. He likes helping others in class. Landon is loved by everyone who meets him. He is friendly and very well-mannered.

“He has an unbelievable memory concerning dates. If you tell him your birthday, he can tell you what day of the week it’ll fall on in a matter of seconds. His neurologist is even amazed by this.”

Crescionne said her son is honored to represent Brusly as one of this year's award winners.

“He was so excited that he was chosen out of so many students,” she said. “The whole Brusly school was excited for him. He is looking forward to receiving the award and seeing (keynote speaker) Drew Brees. His brothers are jealous.”

Crescionne said her son takes a positive attitude into his annual Special Olympics competitions.

“He loves competing and doing better each time,” she said. “He likes to get rewarded for doing his best. He looks forward to the event each year.”