DUTCHTOWN — The McMain Mustangs entered Friday night coming off a 52-point loss. They had no better luck against a stout Dutchtown Griffins defense.

The Mustangs were unable to get going on offense, and though they showed some flashes on defense throughout the evening, it was all Dutchtown, which won 38-0 to improve to 2-0 on the season.

It didn't take long for the home team to take control.

McMain got started at its own 20-yard line and was quickly stopped by the Griffins, who took over in favorable field position, already at the McMain 48-yard line. It was from that point the momentum had fully shifted over to Guy Mistretta's team, and it never moved from there.

The Griffins' rushing attack was dominant, accompanied by an above-average passing game that was effective enough to help.

Their first drive resulted in a touchdown pass from quarterback Brayden Fritsche to senior Dajan Watkins, set up by the rushing efforts of senior running back Blayden Louis and sophomore Dylan Sampson, who were leaders on the ground.

The Griffins (2-0) had a 24-0 lead at halftime and were able to get their backups some extra experience when they came out of the locker room.

Dutchtown rotated three senior quarterbacks who practically ran neck-and-neck during the preseason, and the Griffin added 14 points to their lead in the second half.

Fritsche, Scott Logan and Stephen Whitfield each took snaps.

"They had a fight, all three all offseason on who was going to be the starter," Mistretta said. "Fritsche went in and played really well for us. He did have a couple passes that were just missed or he'd have had much better stats tonight. Scott also came in, he's really quick and does a great job of running the ball. Stephen (played) at the end."

McMain (0-2), meanwhile, came into the game after a rough week.

"We came in banged up," McMain coach Shan Williams said. "I lost five starters last week, and it looks like I lost four more this week. But our guys are resilient. They just kept playing ball and being tough. I liked some of what a saw from our defense. We've got some kinks to work out on offense with a freshman quarterback. I liked we didn't give up."

Quarrterback Christopher Armstrong looked confused and panicked for much of the game, but that's to be expected, Williams said.

"Just experience. He's a freshman, a 14-year-old," Williams noted. "He's gonna grow up."

Dutchtown largely stayed on the ground in the final quarter, hardly disguising its intentions, yet the McMain defense couldn't to stop it.

That was often a testament to the Griffins and their offensive line.

"The offensive line deserves an honorable mention as much as anybody," Mistretta said. "The running backs, we've got two really good ones. But the offensive line tonight, it was all about them."

McMain will host KIPP Booker T. Washington next week.

The Griffins host Covington, still believing they have room to improve.

"We've got to get more diverse in what we're doing," Mistretta said. "We haven't really opened it up yet. Hopefully that's coming in the next couple of weeks."