More than thick Cajun accent, LSU's Ed Orgeron brings sack-focused system full of schematic changes _lowres

LSU defensive line coach Ed Orgeron is focused on getting his guys to reach the quarterback. (AP Photo/The Advocate, Travis Spradling)

A host of LSU football players met with reporters for the first time this spring.


  • Brandon Harris is “more comfortable” and has realized that he was keeping himself from being LSU’s starting quarterback last year, he said. We dive much deeper into that and the quarterback battle in this story.
  • DT Christian LaCouturehas dropped to 20 percent body fat from 28 since the end of the season. That’s a hefty loss of 8 percent body fat. how’d he do it? “Eat good food. Do a little extra every time you work out,” he said.

  • WR Malachi Dupre gained 10 pounds over the off-season. How’s that feel? “Just stronger and more stable. I don’t feel slower. I feel better when I’m running. Getting stronger helps everything.”
  • New receivers coach Tony Ball is just as colorful and loud on the field as defensive line coach Ed Orgeron. That’s a difference from the more quiet Adam Henry. “Coach Henry was more reserved and laid back but was a great teacher, just in a different way,” Dupre said. “Coach Ball was more up-tempo. I don’t want to say up in your face, but just more on the field … just has a lot of energy.”
  • OL Garrett Brumfield was told at about Week 2 last season that he’d redshirt. It sounds like he wasn’t completely thrilled about that decision, but he says it turned out just fine. He said he learned and grew so much last year that it would be “too much to measure.”
  • Brumfield has developed a nickname on the team: Bruiser, says fellow OL Jerald Hawkins. Why? “He likes to bruise people.” Brumfield is playing both guard spots. Reporters have seen him running with the No. 1 group at right guard.
  • WR Trey Quinnhighest moment of his freshman season was, of course, being carried off of the field after the win over Ole Miss (he said, by the way, that a few of his former school principals have the photo hanging in their offices). And the low? It was the next week after having two drops in a loss to Alabama. “Back-to-back weekends you go from being carried off of the field and getting pulled out against Bama and not seeing the field again,” he said. That’s life. ”
  • Hawkins says things are going “great” at his new position of left tackle (he was moved from right tackle). The biggest difference between left and right tackle is blocking the speed off of the edge while at left as opposed to the power of the right. Tashawn Bower and Sione Teuhema have been giving Hawkins a test in that speed during the first two days of spring, he said.
  • OL Vadal Alexander will play one of the two tackle positions this year. He’s working at left and right tackle, he said. He said there’s a “very low chance” that he plays a guard positions this season. He’s been seen in most individual drills that reporters have viewed as the No. 1 right tackle.
  • RB Leonard Fournetteis down about 3 pounds from his playing weight last season. That’s by design. He weighs 227, he said Tuesday. “Getting faster and more leans,” he said.
    Leonard Fournette is trimmer these days.

    Leonard Fournette is trimmer these days.

  • Fournette said he could feel himself progressing through the season. The game started fast but slowed with each passing week. His game against Florida was when things started to begin to really slow down for him, he said. “That’s when I started noticing everything. Practicing, the defenses, picking up stuff,” Fournette said.
  • Fournette says he hasn’t been asked much about his hit and subsequent knockdown of Texas A&M safety Howard Matthews in the win over the Aggies, but … “They’ll say, ‘Why you did him that?’” Fournette said.
  • OL Will Clapp is playing left guard and center. Reporters, during the viewing windows of practice, have seen Clapp as the No. 1 left guard.
  • DB Dwayne Thomas says LSU hasn’t yet gotten to the Mustang package – the six-DB set made famous under former DC John Chavis – but he expects to get into that soon. Thomas, recovering from ACL surgery, has worn a green no-contact jersey during the first two days of spring, but expects to get that removed for the next practice on Thursday.
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