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Chattanooga running back Alex Trotter (24) is smothered on the stop by LSU safety John Battle (26),LSU linebacker Corey Thompson (23), LSU linebacker Donnie Alexander (48),LSU defensive end Christian LaCouture (18) and LSU defensive tackle Ed Alexander (95) during the first half of LSU's football home opener against Chattanooga Saturday Sept. 9, 2017, in Baton Rouge, La..

Right tackle Toby Weathersby is questionable for LSU's game on Saturday against Troy, coach Ed Orgeron said Thursday, along with four other Tigers. 

Safety John Battle, nose tackle Ed Alexander, defensive end Rashard Lawrence and running back Derrius Guice are all listed as questionable, the coach said. Weathersby's issue is unclear, but reporters did not see him at practice Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Redshirt sophomore Adrian Magee practiced in his place with the starting group.

Battle (stinger) and Alexander (right hand) have practiced this week in gold jerseys, signifying limited contact because of injury.

Guice and Lawrence did not practice Monday-Wednesday, according to brief observations of drills from media members. They also did not practice Thursday, Orgeron said. Reporters are not allowed into Thursday's drills. Guice (undisclosed) did not play in the second half of last week's win over Syracuse, and Orgeron originally ruled out Lawrence (right ankle) for Saturday's game against the Trojans. 

Orgeron: 'We live in a great county'

Orgeron only offered a brief statement when asked about the protest from football players that's sweeping the nation. 

"We live in a great country. Our focus is on Troy," he said. "That’s where I’m going to leave it."

Massive groups of NFL players last week knelt or sat for the national anthem, a form of protest that followed incendiary comments from U.S. President Donald Trump. 

Running back Derrius Guice, through his Twitter account, posted about the protests Thursday, suggesting he would sit or kneel during the anthem. College players are normally not present on the field during the anthem. 

Tricky Trojans

LSU coaches are expecting trick plays from the Trojans, Orgeron said Thursday. 

"They're going to throw the house at us - fakes, onside kicks," the coach said. 

Syracuse did the same. The Orange kicked an unexpected onside kick late in the game that LSU fielded and ran a receiver-pass for a touchdown.

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