Ed Orgeron

LSU coach Ed Orgeron speaks during SEC media days on Monday, July 10, 2017, in Hoover, Ala.

1. Ten years after

Ed Orgeron returned to media days 10 years after he was last here as coach at Ole Miss. Coach O got off to a stiff start with a lengthy recitation of the Tigers’ depth chart but rallied with a couple of major points: 1. He never lost confidence in his ability to be a head coach; and 2. He knows, to remain as LSU’s coach, priority one is beating Alabama.

2. The number you have reached ...

Arkansas coach Bret Bielema was getting takeout Saturday for his wife, Jen — she just gave birth to their first child, Briella Nichole — when he got a FaceTime call from SEC commissioner Greg Sankey. “I said, ‘This is pretty cool; the commissioner is FaceTiming me,’ ” Bielema said. “He said, ‘Why were you calling me?’ I said, ‘I apologize; I must have butt-dialed you.’ That was a unique experience.”

3. Embracing change

Derrius Guice is blocking out the comparisons to former LSU tailback Leonard Fournette, but he didn’t mind contrasting the Tigers offense under new play caller Matt Canada to 2016's. “It’s an offense where there will be a lot of disguises, a lot of motion,” he said. “This offense will take us as far as we want to go. It’s up to us to buy into it and trust the process.”

4. Maybe you’re not disappointed …

Tennessee was picked to win the SEC East last year and started No. 9 nationally. The Volunteers went 9-4, 4-4 in SEC play, a disappointment to most everyone — except coach Butch Jones. “Was it a disappointment? No,” he said. “It’s difficult to win championships. But I’m still proud of our team.” Tennessee, which returns 14 starters but hasn’t identified a quarterback to replace Josh Dobbs, hosts LSU on Nov. 18.

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