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Fans wave signs and a short with head coach Ed Orgeron's image, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020 at thecelebration at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center marking LSU's 42-25 national championship win in football over Clemson.

The Southeastern Conference schedule features exclusively conference games for the 2020 season, but a handful of head coaches aren't fans of the process.

At least five of the league's 14 head coaches expressed "frustration" during a coaches call on Thursday, according to a report from Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports!

The concerns were based on "the lack of transparency regarding the inability to produce a 'formula' for how the two additional league opponents were chosen," Thamel shared on Twitter, citing sources.

None of the coaches were specified. 

Each team had two additional SEC matchups -- for a total of 10 -- added to their 2020 schedules in lieu of non-conference games.

Below are the games added to each schedule:

  • Alabama: Kentucky and Missouri
  • Georgia: Arkansas and Mississippi State
  • LSU: Missouri and Vanderbilt
  • Ole Miss: Kentucky and South Carolina
  • Arkansas: Georgia and Florida
  • Missouri: LSU and Alabama
  • Texas A&M: Florida and Tennessee
  • Tennessee: Texas A&M and Auburn
  • Kentucky: Alabama and Ole Miss
  • South Carolina: Auburn and Ole Miss
  • Vanderbilt: LSU and Mississippi State
  • Mississippi State: Georgia and Vanderbilt
  • Auburn: South Carolina and Tennessee
  • Florida: Arkansas and Texas A&M

Several of the conference's top teams appeared to get lighter draws, including LSU with Missouri and Vanderbilt; Alabama with Kentucky and Missouri; and Georgia with Arkansas and Mississippi State. Those six teams combined to go 25-36 last season.

The decision to go with a 10-game conference schedule came before the Big 12 opted for a similar scenario with nine conference game and the potential for one non-conference game. Both the Big Ten and Pac-12 have cancelled their 2020 seasons.

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