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LSU assistant coach Steve Ensminger works with his tight ends during practice Aug. 23.

With national signing day in the rear-view mirror, all eyes turn to spring practice in Baton Rouge with a new offensive coordinator and system for LSU.

Steve Ensminger, now leading the unit after the Tigers parted ways with Matt Canada after a single season, joined Jacob Hester and Ronnie Rantz on ESPN 104.5's program "Hangin' with Hester" Thursday evening

Ensminger discussed his recruiting responsibility of North Louisiana, as well as plans in spring practice for quarterbacks Myles Brennan, Lowell Narcisse and Justin McMillan. 

He also touched on the wide-open depth chart, the plans for LSU's top wide receiver recruit Terrace Marshall, and how soon to expect him on the field. 

Below are excerpts from the interview (to listen to the entire segment, click here):


"I was just fortunate, I'll be honest with you, I've recruited up there for the last seven years and there's a lot of great players up there this year. In the past there's been one or two … but this year, for whatever reason, they just had a great year. Heck, I wish I could've taken 'em all. There's a few more up there I'd love to take, but only have 25 scholarships ...

"I know most of the coaches and everyone else, but you gotta know the assistant coaches. There's Greedy Williams parents up there who send me tape on players in the 8th grade from up in Shreveport. Devin White's mom and them they keep me in touch with that's going on at Haynesville and Spring Hill and everything else.

"So it's not only the coaches but it's just the people that I've had a chance to recruit and meet. Their grandparents and everything else -- they all stay in touch with me and tell me who the players are up there, so it's a pretty good connection"


"Probably, I'll be honest with you … During the last three weeks of recruiting we've kind of had an opportunity on Mondays and Fridays to meet with our players and everything else and start implementing a little bit of this offense …

"I've kind of told him, Myles right now, 'hey, we're all in here starters' and that's the way it's gonna go. Yes, Myles will take the first snap of spring practice and all that. But as we get into teams and as we get into scrimmages and everything else. I've gotta allow these other kids, Lowell [Narcisse] and Justin [McMillan] to get with the first group and run the reps and everything else. And it's my job to do a good job of playing to their strengths …

"Hopefully as we put this together when [any of the QBs are] in the ballgame I'm not asking those quarterbacks to do what another quarterback can do, and I can play to his strengths."


"We had a chance to go over our personnel. I said, I really look forward to this. You don't know who your center is going to be, you don't know who your quarterback's going to be, you don't know who your go-to receiver is right now, and you don't know who your running back is. So I'm fired up to go to spring ball."


"Every family is different, I can tell you that right now. And I've made mistakes with families. I've recruited young men and as you visit with them, you're like 'hey, the dad is the champion. The dad's doing all the talking and heck, I just gotta go hug up to him and everything else.' And at the end everyone tells me, 'hey, the mom's gonna have the final decision, ima tell ya.' … We just kind of hug up to both of 'em and everything else. And I'm not much on that Twitter, I promise you.

"I just try to get a relationship. I try to talk to coaches, I try to talk to their families, their grandmothers, their aunts and their uncles, and try to find out: who's really going to make this decision with him? And I've been lucky to find that out and get it done in time."


"I think he has the talent to do that, no doubt about it. Trying to implement this system, we're starting out trying to make it easy for our wide receivers. We really are … As wide receivers, I think the key to it is finding out your best five or six is, whatever, and what's their best position … [those] are the things we've got to find out this spring. What we gotta do with each one of these young men to get them open. And once we find that out I believe we can attack it."