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Garrett Brumfield is poised to nab a starting role in Year 4 on campus. 

It’s no secret LSU’s first-year offensive coordinator Matt Canada likes to mix things up every now and then with some wild play calls.

Last year, while holding the same position at Pittsburgh, Canada used offensive tackle Brian O’Neill throughout the season to add a little pizazz to his offense. Against Georgia Tech, Canada had O’Neill let his defender slip past him on the left side while he dropped into the backfield for a quick lateral and 24 yards later, O’Neill was in the end zone untouched.

Later that year, Canada went to O’Neill again on a 5-yard sweep against Virginia Tech for another touchdown. O’Neill also threw two incomplete passes that season, but going a perfect 2-for-2 on runs certainly made up for it.

Now at LSU, who could be the Canada’s go-to big man in the end zone?

“I would say (Garrett) Brumfield would be first because he’s athletic,” said LSU wide receiver DJ Chark said Wednesday during interviews ahead of the Tigers' third camp practice. “But I’ve seen him try to throw a football. He can’t throw.

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"I would have to go with Will (Clapp). Will would probably be the first receiver, then maybe KJ (Malone). But then it goes down hill from there.”

Of course none of the current LSU linemen have much experience with the ball in their hands. No linemen caught, ran or threw the ball last season.

Brumfield said he would love to have the opportunity to run the ball for a play or two, but doesn’t see it as a likely option.

“I wish there was the one where I get it on the sweep and I go all the way, 70 yards,” he said. “But that was just a vivid dream and then I woke up. That’s about it.”

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