Attention, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Western Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas and anybody else who might loom down the road for LSU:

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of time looking at film to figure out what these guys are going to do against you. In fact, I can save you some time.

They are going to run the ball right at you — first with Spencer Ware, then with a mixture of Alfred Blue, Michael Ford and Terrence Magee, and some more Ware.

They’re going to run some play-action off of that and try to hit some big plays with Rueben Randle and Odell Beckham, with some Russell Shepard mixed in.

On defense, they’re going to have a whole bunch of guys run to the football really fast, so running east and west isn’t a real good idea, though north and south isn’t necessarily any better. One way the film might help you is you can write down all the jersey numbers, because it can be hard keeping track of how many guys get into the backfield. Twenty-four different players — that’s like more than two defenses — have made at least one tackle behind the line of scrimmage.

And on special teams, they might not be spectacular (although you’ve got to keep an eye on this Honey Badger guy; just turn on the film of the defense, you’ll figure out which one he is), but they are good enough. Their field-goal kicker is pretty dependable, their kickoff guy is solid, their coverage is pretty good and their punter has a strong leg and can even run, though you’ll probably see him be a little more careful the next time he runs.

The point is, they’re not going to pull a whole lot of surprises. Yeah, the coach has been called the Mad Hatter, and he likes the occasional trick play, but play in and play out, they are going to follow the script that has led them to six consecutive lopsided victories and the No. 1 ranking in the Associated Press poll.

For those of you who played this team last season, you’ll notice that script has been rewritten some.

Tennessee, disregard that discombobulated offense you saw in the final moments. Auburn, remember those 440 rushing yards you had last season? Boy, it would be fun to see Cam Newton and this defense go head to head.

Alabama, just turn on film of yourself. You guys are practically carbon copies of one another. Ole Miss, good luck. Arkansas, you might not want to count on duplicating the nearly 500 yards you gained last season.

One last thing. Some upcoming game film might be useful, because there’s one thing that figures to evolve in the coming weeks.

This quarterback thing is still kind of fluid. You’ll notice that No. 9 doesn’t appear anywhere in the film of the first four games, but he showed up for a few running plays and handoffs against Kentucky in Week 5, and he started showing up in the passing game against Florida on Saturday.

You can expect that he’ll continue to show up some more, but that No. 12 is going to still be hanging around quite a bit.

By the way, you might want to disregard any film you have on him from games before Sept. 3, 2011. That stuff is really outdated.