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Cheerleaders fire up the crowd before the first half of LSU's football home opener against SLU in Tiger Stadium Saturday Sept. 8, 2018, in Baton Rouge, La.

When it comes to college football in Louisiana, LSU is king. 

Need proof? An interactive map breaking down team support by each Louisiana zipcode shows the sea of purple that makes up the state's fanbase. 

The map is based on ticket sales data from the past two seasons, with the total tickets purchased to home games for specific teams determining the color that fills each area. 

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"Louisiana overwhelmingly supports LSU in such a dramatic fashion," said Stephen Spiewak, VividSeats' manager of digital content marketing. "Most states see more competition for fan loyalty. It's clear that in all pockets of the state, people are proud to support LSU."

But the map is not perfect, notes Spiewak. There's no exact science to calculating fanhood -- and fans buying tickets to road games will inevitably skew this type of map. For instance, Vanderbilt and Memphis make appearances in south Louisiana. While there could be a groundswell of support for the Commodores and a that other Tigers squad, it's far more likely those tickets were purchased to follow LSU and Tulane as they went on the road for SEC and AAC matchups. 

Just shy of 50 zipcodes among the hundreds displayed in the graphic have data showing more home ticket sales for teams other than LSU in the past two seasons, with most of Louisiana's other programs accounted for in their local territories. 

Tulane has the second-highest showing of any school, taking the top spot in eight zipcodes in Orleans Parish and the surrounding area. 

Louisiana Tech comes in third, nabbing seven zipcodes that are mostly located in North Louisiana. UL-Lafayette appears twice and Southeastern Louisiana once. Areas in gray did not have sufficient data to make a determination. 

Along with Vanderbilt and Memphis, other schools appearing in the map include: Ole Miss (5); Texas A&M 4; Texas (3); Mississippi State (3); Arkansas (2); Alabama (1); Florida (1); Southern Mississippi (1); Baylor (1); Texas Tech (1); Ohio State (1); West Virginia (1)

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