LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux gets boost in pay, extension after runner-up finish at national championships _lowres


Fresh off of what was arguably the best season in her nearly four decades at LSU, gymnastics head coach D-D Breaux got a raise this week.

LSU Board of Supervisors approved contract extensions for five coaches, including Breaux, during a meeting in New Orleans on Friday.

Breaux’s new salary will be $175,000 a year — about 8 percent more than she was making, and her contract has been extended through 2017.

Other coaches who got pay raises and extensions include women’s golf head coach Karen Bahnsen, men’s golf head coach Chuck Winstead and men’s and women’s swimming co-head coaches Douglas Shaffer and David Geyer.

Winstead received the largest pay bump of the bunch — from $140,000 to $180,000. Shaffer and Geyer will each make $90,000 a year -- up from $88,000, and Bahnsen’s pay was increased from $120,000 to $130,000 a year.

In discussing the raises, board members noted the longevity of the coaches whose contracts were renewed.

“We have great coaches who have been with us a long time,” said member Blake Chatelain, who chairs the board’s athletics committee.

He said that longevity provides stability for student athletes.

“They’re certainly deserving of the increase,” member Raymond J. Lasseigne said.

Breaux, who was named National Coach of the Year by the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women, just wrapped her 37th year at LSU. Her team finished the season in third place -- the highest national finish in the history of the program.

The Board of Supervisors meeting at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans was its first meeting in New Orleans in nearly a decade.

“It’s nice to be in the city of New Orleans today,” board chair Bobby Yarborough said.

Andy Kopplin, first deputy mayor for the city, thanked the board for getting out of Baton Rouge for a meeting “to see the contributions that LSU and its affiliates are making around the state.”

He said LSU was key to New Orleans’ recovery after Hurricane Katrina.

“Because you all doubled down with us, we’re on a roll,” he said.

LSU President and Chancellor F. King Alexander made a presentation on LSU’s ties to New Orleans and touted the city’s LSU alumni base.

“We do think this town is purple and gold,” he said.

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