LSU-Alabama: JBE

Gov. John Bel Edwards speaks with the LSU football team ahead of the game against Alabama on Saturday.

Gov. John Bel Edwards visited with the LSU football team ahead of its No. 2-vs.-No. 3 showdown against Alabama, and he spoke to the players after the team's practice on Tuesday.

Edwards, who hosted the football team's freshmen at the Governor's mansion in June, struck up a friendship with LSU's Ed Orgeron shortly after the head coach was hired full-time after the 2016 season and has since been near the team on several occasions.

Below is a transcript of what Edwards told the LSU players, according to a video released on Edwards' official Twitter account:

"I just want to spend a minute with you and tell you I'm traveling all over the state every day — and I've been doing this for months now — but for the last couple of weeks there's been tremendous positive energy out there about this football program, and the state of Louisiana is more excited than I can ever remember them being.

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And I know it's just Tuesday, so you've got to pace yourself. Y'all can't do that just yet. But we love this team. We love this program. And everybody has confidence in what you all are doing. And they know you're a bunch of fine young men too.

So I just wanted to tell you that, how much I appreciate you, and no matter how old you get, this game Saturday is one you're going to remember forever. It might be the one you remember first when you're laying in your bed and you're an old man one day and you're going to be thinking back to everything you did in your life, this might be the game you think about first and most often.

So I just want to encourage you and tell you we believe in you. So be safe and hopefully everybody will be healthy when you come back. But go up there and get us a big win for yourselves, your families, for one another and for the great state of Louisiana."

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