Shai Werts

Shai Werts

Georgia Southern quarterback Shai Werts has opened up almost a month after his mistaken arrest for cocaine possession, which turned out to be bird poop.

Shortly after head coach Chad Lunsford announced the decision to indefinitely suspend his star signal caller, Werts was the talk of college football as details emerged about the arrest on July 31 in South Carolina.

Officers pulled over Werts for speeding and tested a white substance on his car for cocaine. Werts insisted that the questioned substances was in fact bird poop but a swab by officers said it tested positive.

It was later discovered that it was not cocaine. That charge was later dropped and Werts returned to the team a few days later.

The Eagles open the season against LSU on Saturday.

Werts said he is still frustrated about the incident.

"It’s been really hard,” Werts said in an interview with the Greenville News. “You want to be a household name for making plays on the field and doing the right things. Although I didn’t do anything wrong, I became a household name for all the wrong reasons.”

Werts went on to tell the newspaper that "his mom relives that night over and over."

They also reported that the false positive was from a a $2 field test kit that the state's top law agency won't use.

The arrest and handling by the Saluda County Sheriff's Office was a point of conversation in how young black males should approach traffic stops.

You can read a transcription of the arrest as well as more comments from Werts here.