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LSU coach D-D Breaux waves to fans as she enters the arena before the Tigers' meet against Florida, Friday, January 18, 2019, at LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center in Baton Rouge, La.


Gov. John Bel Edwards

“Coach D-D Breaux set a standard of excellence for her athletes on and off of the mat and her 43-year career with LSU is unparalleled. On behalf of the state and of all of us who had the pleasure of witnessing her talented teams take to the floor on Friday nights in a packed PMAC, I thank her for her tenacity, for her commitment to her gymnasts and the University and for her leadership in prioritizing academics and community service alongside athletic achievement. Coach Breaux is truly a legend, and we wish her well in the future.”

SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey

“D-D Breaux is a genuine legend as the longest serving coach, in any sport, across the 87-year history of the Southeastern Conference. For more than four decades she has taught her student-athletes the traits of dedication, perseverance and relentless pursuit of perfection. Her record of endurance and success is a truly remarkable achievement and she has been a cornerstone in the growth of the popularity of gymnastics in SEC. D-D’s remarkable career earns a 10.0 and we wish her all the best.”

LSU Board of Supervisors Chair Mary Werner

“D-D Beaux has been a leader not only in collegiate gymnastics, but a leader for our university and Louisiana. She pushes us all to be our best and do better for our students. I’m proud to call her my friend as well as colleague. Her energy, hard work and dedication to the women’s gymnastics program, LSU and the community reminds us all what leadership and dedication can accomplish.”

LSU head coach Jay Clark

“It is a bittersweet time in the history of LSU Gymnastics. D-D stepping down marks the end of one of the most storied and decorated careers in LSU sports history. After fighting countless battles for her program and for women in sport generally, D-D leaves a legacy and impact that has affected countless in this community and the state of Louisiana. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to have served side by side with her for the last eight years. The growth we have seen has been a joy to help her achieve. She is a credit to this university, and I know she will attack her new role with her trademark enthusiasm we have all come to know and love. Congratulations coach!"

LSU assistant head coach Bob Moore

“I am so grateful for the past 20 years working with D-D here at LSU and the opportunities given to me to be a part of this family. The opportunities to be a part of a wonderful group of athletes and a program that fed off her passion and energy. Had it not been for her tenacious spirit, this program would not be where it is today.”

LSU gymnastics volunteer coach Ashleigh Clare-Kearney Thigpen

"When you think about LSU Gymnastics, the first thing that comes to mind is D-D Breaux. Her vision, passion and tenacity are unmatched and those qualities are what transformed LSU Gymnastics into the powerhouse it is today. D-D believes that in life you're dealt certain hands, and maintaining a positive attitude and perspective is what will get you through life's adversities. She made it a point to instill this philosophy in her student athletes to ensure they felt empowered and could make a powerful impact on society in life after gymnastics. I am so grateful for the opportunities D-D has given me and the relationship I've built with her over the past 15 years. She is a pioneer for women's athletics and I pray her energy and fire permeates the program and forever remains at the core of LSU Gymnastics."

Olympic gold medalist and SEC Network commentator Bart Conner

“D-D Breaux is one of the true icons in women’s collegiate gymnastics. Her enthusiasm, passion and resilience never wavered, even after 43 years, as she built one of the great programs, not just in gymnastics, but in the history of collegiate sports.”

LSU football coach Ed Orgeron

"Congratulations on a great career D-D Breaux!! One of the greatest coaches in LSU history!! Geaux Tigers!"

LSU baseball coach Paul Mainieri

“What can you say about D-D except to say she is an icon! Not only is she a legend in the world of gymnastics but she is one of the greatest coaches in all of college athletics, in the SEC, and at LSU. Her enthusiasm and love of LSU cannot be measured. I don’t know if I have ever come into contact with another coach in any sport that can match her boundless energy and love for what she is doing. I’ve admired her and been captivated by her since I came to LSU 14 years ago. I’m so happy she has had an amazing career and is at peace with her decision to retire from coaching. She’s a dear friend, and I’m looking forward to her enjoying the next chapter of her life and watching her contributions to LSU in a different role.”

Mike Smith, LSU gymnastics public address announcer and host of “Inside LSU Gymnastics with D-D Breaux” TV show

“For 26 of her 43 seasons I worked alongside D-D Breaux. Today marks the end of a coaching era that will never be repeated. Today, she becomes an official living legend. Congratulations on your retirement, D-D! Tiger Nation celebrates you and your accomplishments for LSU, LSU gymnastics and women everywhere.”

LSU softball coach Beth Torina

"I'm so thankful for everything D-D did before my arrival to LSU and everything she has done for me in my time here. She has been a great mentor and friend, and due to her advocacy the experience of all of us at LSU is elevated and significantly enriched. D-D's career can't truly be measured in wins and losses or in longevity, it's the impact she's had on women's athletics, our community, and the lives of everyone surrounding her. Congratulations on a job well done. For the past 43 years the pride and tradition of LSU has been entrusted to one of the greatest of all time!"

LSU men's basketball coach Will Wade

"I appreciate you for welcoming me with open arms … You are a legend and the absolute best!!!"

LSU swimming coach Dave Geyer

"It was an honor to work as a head coach alongside D-D here at LSU. While it's clear she had a tremendous impact on the gymnastics program, it should be made known that she had an impact on all women's sports and Olympic sports programs as well by bringing our sports to the spotlight. She truly is and will always be one of a kind."

LSU diving coach Doug Shaffer

"I feel so fortunate to have worked with D-D for 18 years. I've enjoyed her mentorship over the years. She is an iconic Division 1 coach whose impact on the student athletes, staff and LSU community is unparalleled."

LSU director of golf Chuck Winstead

"D-D has brought so much passion and energy to not just LSU Gymnastics but to LSU athletics and the entire LSU family. She is a legend. Her contributions and impact are immeasurable. She will forever go down as one of the greats in LSU history."

LSU beach volleyball coach Russell Brock

"From the moment I stepped on campus it was clear that D-D was someone who was worth learning from. Her passion and commitment to LSU are second to none. The high standards of excellence across the board that she has contributed to on our campus inspires us as we look to build a program that represents our school and our state as well as the LSU Gymnastics program does. Her Pride, Passion and Purpose will continue to motivate us! I'll forever be honored and grateful to be able to say that I know D-D and that I learned about building a program and coaching at LSU by watching her and talking to her. It is an incredible privilege to carry on the Legacy of Excellence she has devoted the last 43 years of her career to promote and grow."

LSU women's golf coach Garrett Runion

"I've had the good fortune of having my office on the same floor as D-D's office for the last eight years. Every day when she came in with her sunglasses still on and that big smile it made me smile. Her pride and passion for LSU is unmatched and you see that every day in everything she does. I thoroughly enjoyed her stories and hearing how things have changed over the years. I could not be more excited for her and proud to say I got to coach alongside an SEC legend."

LSU volleyball coach Fran Flory

"D-D is the single most influential woman in the history of LSU athletics. She fought tirelessly for LSU, our athletes, coaches and staff every day for each of her 43 years. She covered every detail and made everything matter. She cared for and loved everyone around her, in a way only D-D could. Most importantly she loves LSU. There will never be another D-D Breaux. We will miss her as a coach and leader in our department."

LSU women's basketball coach Nikki Fargas

"I can't think of a coach who has impacted so many so profoundly than D-D Breaux. The success and happiness you brought to the LSU family, community and fans cannot be measured. You have been an inspiration to us all, my friend."

Tiger Athletic Foundation President/CEO Rick Perry

“D-D Breaux is much more than one of LSU’s most successful coaches. She is an architect who built a program from the ground up to a national power. She is a tireless promoter who developed a loyal and energetic fan base for her team. She is a producer and director who turned LSU Gymnastics meets into sold out happenings. And finally, she is a teacher and mentor who played a significant role in the lives of the student-athletes and all the young people she worked with throughout her remarkable career. D-D, from the members and staff of TAF, congratulations on a job well done.”

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