The Tigers will host South Carolina but won't be the home team this Saturday as they graciously host. Here are some Advocate staff writer's predictions for this special occassion game:


LSU 23, Carolina 10

I felt LSU would have real trouble with South Carolina in Columbia.

Why? The Tigers continue to amass penalties, have yet to prove they’ve got a capable passing game and are coming off a sloppy, sluggish performance against one of the nation’s worst teams.

Now, they’re home. Well, they’re “visitors” at home. That’s an advantage, and it’s enough to lift LSU to a bigger margin of victory.


LSU 33, Carolina 13

The Tigers are going to be inhospitable guests, or hosts, or whatever they will be Saturday against the Gamecocks. LSU has underwhelmed in its last two non-conference games. This one will have the look and feel of LSU’s rout of Auburn. South Carolina is in a very tough spot and the numbers prove it isn’t a very good team, 12th or worst in eight of 10 SEC major statistical categories. The key is whether the Tigers will get their minds right. They will.


LSU 30, Carolina 16

Coaches love to tell their team that no one is going to feel sorry for them when they’re struggling. Of course, they shouldn’t. As much as LSU would like to feel sorry for what South Carolina has been through this week, the least of which is having to move a home game to Baton Rouge, they can’t. The Tigers will feel for the Gamecocks and people of South Carolina before and after the game, but they know they still have a job to do.