Nope, this isn't Alabama week anymore.

If there was any question, Les Miles' news conference Monday told the story.

Gone was a laser-like focus from the media on the opponent at hand for Miles' top-ranked LSU Tigers (in this case, Western Kentucky).

Instead, there were questions about punts that hit overhead camera guide wires (Miles said Brad Wing's 73-yard punt in the Tigers' 9-6 win over Alabama hit the guide wire). There were questions about recruiting Australia (Wing's Australian) and American Samoa. There were, understandably, questions about who the quarterback is. There was even a question about a time when Miles asked longtime Detroit Pistons coach Chuck Daly a question at a press conference.

And there was all of one inquiry about this week's opponent, A WKU team on a five-game winning streak and just a half game behind Sun Belt Conference leader Arkansas State.

"The five-game win streak tells us we are going to have to be prepared," Miles said.

But that wasn't what the media was interested in Monday.

They were, in fact, more interested in talking about the possibility of LSU playing Oklahoma State, Miles' former employer, in the BCS national champion game.

Miles, who in the past has expressed an unwillingness to play teams he has a past association with, said he would welcome playing in the post-season against either Oklahoma State, where he had a 28-21 record in four seasons from 2001-2004 before taking the LSU job, or Michigan, where Miles played under the legendary Bo Schembechler.

He said he was happy to see OSU continue to build on the success that started under him.

"I'm proud to have played a part," Miles said of OSU's success. "What Mike Gundy has done has taken that team to a whole different level," he added, noting that the financial contributions of billionaire T. Boone Pickens has played no small role in the success.

Miles also mentioned one of his old Big 12 rivals, welcoming Missouri to the SEC.

"Come on in, the water's fine," he said.

He also addressed Texas A&M, saying he is prepared to welcome the Aggies into the schedule where it "fits."

There was also alot of rehashing, understandably, of last week's "Game of the Century" win over Alabama.

Asked about observers who might have been turned off by a low-scoring game that had no touchdowns, Miles was to the point: "Anyone who is not impressed with that game ... I don't care," he said. He suggested football fans would enjoy such a physical, defensive-oriented slug fest.

If you didn't enjoy it, he said, "you obviously haven't been watching football for a great amount of time."

Miles fielded several questions about quarterback play after Jordan Jefferson relieved Jarrett Lee and led LSU to the win against Alabama.

Miles said he would continue to use both quarterbacks and use them in situations where their skill set would help the most. He said Jefferson "is thankful the team is in the position it's in." He said Lee, who was intercepted twice by Alabama after being picked off just once in LSU's first eight games, "made a couple of bad throws, that's it.

"We've got to get him going again," Miles said. He said he is in no hurry to name a starter for the Western Kentucky game.

Miles said he thought that on one of the key plays of the Alabama game, Wing's long punt over the head of Alabama punt returner Marquis Maze, did hit the guide wire of a CBS overhead camera, supporting an assertion Maze made. CBS has denied the punt hit the wire. He did say he has not given the punt a lot of scrutiny after the game in terms of video review.

Miles said it happened twice in the Arkansas game last year, once costing LSU a turnover when an Arkansas punt bounded off the wire and hit an LSU player on the back. He said another LSU punt wound up being short because it hit the wire, then bounced sideways out of bounds. Miles said none of the balls that hit the wire were called on the field and he said they were undetecable on film because "the wire is too fine," to be seen on replay.

"The wire needs to be behind the play," Miles said. He said if the ball does hit the wire, he's for a do-over.

Miles' continued to show the levity that has been a trademark of his news conferences this season. Asked about further SEC expansion, Miles joked that he heard the "Packers and Vikings," have applied for SEC membership. He said he's for letting them in, "but put 'em in the East."

He also responded to a question about the possibility of programs recruiting Australia for punters with the abilities of Wing by saying he would love to take a "walkabout," around Australia looking for players.

In other news Monday, safety Eric Reid, whose interception of a Maze pass at the 1-yard line in the fourth quarter changed the game, was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week for a performance Miles said the talented sophomore is capable of "week after week." Also, defensive end Sam Montgomery was named SEC co-Defensive Lineman of the Week.

Also, it was announced that the Nov. 19 game at Ole Miss would start at 6 p.m. on ESPN. LSU will wear its purple jerseys for the WKU game Saturday, it was announced.