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LSU quarterback AJ Aycock (3), LSU quarterback Peter Parrish (8) and LSU quarterback Myles Brennan (15) watch as LSU quarterback Joe Burrow (9) completes passes during warmups for LSU's football game against Northwestern State at Tiger Stadium Saturday Sept. 14, 2019, in Baton Rouge, La.

To beat Alabama, perhaps you have to get bet on like Alabama.

LSU's potent offense is partly responsible for the large, 23-point spread in the Tigers' favor when they open Southeastern Conference play at Vanderbilt on Saturday at 11 a.m.

That alone is a wide margin, but the first-half spread (yes, you can bet on the halftime score too) marks No. 4 LSU (3-0) as a 14-point favorite by halftime over Vanderbilt (0-2).

First-half lines are popular, said Michael Riordan, a business partner at Right Angle Sports, a handicapping service. They're available for all FBS vs. FBS games and you don't have the risk of losing on a bad beat in the second half.

Typically, larger favorites will have a first-half line that's slightly higher than 50 percent of the full-game spread, Riordan said, and in order to receive such a line, the team has to have a high-scoring offense or just be very good overall.

Remind you of anyone?

"A team like Alabama under (head coach Nick) Saban historically is much lower scoring in the second half as he hates to win by gaudy numbers and give his team 'rat poison,'" said Michael Riordan, a business partner at Right Angle Sports, a handicapping service. "Alabama's first-half spreads will be a larger percentage of the full game spread than typical. LSU as of now is being priced like a big favorite with no additional bias towards first-half performance."

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Of course, there are the risks of slow starts, like last week, when LSU led Northwestern State 24-14 at halftime. And despite outscoring the Demons 41-0 in the second half, the Tigers still didn't cover their 52-point spread, according to VegasInsider.

First-half bettors are banking on their team to gain an early lead and coast in the second half by playing second-stringers and becoming more conservative with play calls.

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Out of the 165 points LSU has scored in 2019, 86 have been scored in the first half — an average of 28.6 first-half points per game.

Then there's the factor of the 11 a.m. kick.

Will there be a slow start for the Tigers?

Your call.

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