Lesley Martinez, 12, gets some one-on-one time with Jacksonville Jaguars and LSU standout running back Leonard Fournette during Fournette's football camp for kids at the Saints training facility Saturday, June 16, 2018.

Madden season is just around the corner. 

While many sports gamers can't wait to get their hands on the annual football release on August 10, the game usually causes controversy amongst NFL players when it comes to how their virtual selves are rated. 

This year, developer EA Sports got on the bad side of former LSU running back Leonard Fournette after the Jacksonville Jaguars' star thought the 87 overall rating he received was too low. 

Fournette retweeted a video of his reaction to the news, which promptly solicited a response from EA Sports' official Madden Twitter account.

Their thoughts? If Fournette wants a higher rating, he needs to factually prove why. 

The account tweeted a statement telling Fournette, and any other NFL player not happy with their rating, to send in "factual (or video) evidence of why your specific rating(s) should be higher." 

Fournette, however, was not having it.

"I'm not sending nothing just take me off madden Period," Fournette responded through a retweet, with a few crying emojis added for impact. 

Fans of Fournette also responded to Madden's ratings statement, sending in video of Fournette's 90-yard touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers where the rookie is said to have ran the fastest MPH speed for the season during the run.

Fournette's team also got in on the fun, posting a list of ratings Madden "missed" that should be accounted for, including ratings for Fournette's Instagram stories (96), his charitable work (99) and his hair (0).

As for the components of Fournette's 87 overall rating, Madden's developers rated his speed and acceleration at 91, agility at 88, ball carrier vision at 83, carrying at 91 and trucking at 95. 

Fournette is tied for the ninth best rated running back in the upcoming game, behind Le'Veon Bell (96), David Johnson (93), Ezekiel Elliot (92), Todd Gurley II (92), Devonta Freeman (91), LeSean McCoy (90), Kareem Hunt (89) and Alvin Kamara (88). LeGarrette Blount, Dion Lewis and Christian McCaffrey also received an 87 rating.