Ed Orgeron has said there's no clear leader in LSU's quarterback race, but bettors clearly don't believe him. 

Hours after the sportsbook BetDSI put up a line on who would win the position battle for the Tigers, it was taken down due to the number of bets on Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow. 

A similar line was taken down after a "flurry of action" on Michigan transfer Shea Patterson. 

"When we see heavy, sharp money on one side of a prop like this, it usually means information has been leaked," said a news release. "... Two touted transfers, maybe we just had the odds too low, or maybe someone knows something we don't." 

The sportsbook posted the odds of the top 20 college football quarterback battles Monday, with LSU's among them. 

Early odds seemed to take Orgeron's statements at face value, listing no true favorite to win the job. 

The initial odds had all four candidates -- Burrow, sophomore Myles Brennan, redshirt freshman Lowell Narcisse and junior Justin McMillan -- with plus value of winning it.

Burrow had the best odds at +130. Brennan was at +270. Narcisse and McMillan rounded out the odds at +360 and +510 respectively.

The odds indicate how much would be won based on a $100 bet. For example, a $100 bet on Joe Burrow, at +130, would've meant a win of $130 if he earned the job, making the total payout $230 including the initial bet.

Burrow's leading odds followed rave reviews he received from his teammates at the SEC's media days in Atlanta last week. 

Patterson, who attended Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, was listed as the heavy favorite to win the Michigan job at -190.

You can check out BetDSI's full list of quarterback odds here