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LSU offensive coordinator Jake Peetz on the field before kickoff against Kentucky, Saturday, October 9, 2021, at Kroger Field on the campus of the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Ky.

LSU could owe up to an estimated $8.489 million to its assistant football coaches if it chooses to overhaul its staff in December, when head coach Ed Orgeron reaches the end of his termination agreement and a new head coach comes aboard.

Offensive coordinator Jake Peetz and defensive coordinator Daronte Jones signed three-year contracts at the beginning of 2021. If terminated without cause, LSU could owe them up to $3.225 million to fulfill the terms of their combined contracts (Peetz $1.6 million, Jones $1.625 million).

That sum is contingent upon a prorated amount if they are fired in December with no coaching jobs lined up elsewhere.

The base salary for both coordinators is $400,000 annually, with supplemental incomes of $900,000 for their remaining years under contract. Peetz’s contract includes $800,000 of supplemental income this year, while Jones gets $900,000 for all three.

If either is hired for another job before being fired by LSU, Peetz or Jones are subject to pay back some of the remaining contractual salary, depending upon the landing spot.

Taking another Southeastern Conference assistant job, or an assistant job within 500 miles of LSU, means the coach will owe 50% of his remaining salary back to LSU. Taking any other college football assistant coaching job in the nation means that the coach would owe back 20%.

The payback is none if Peetz or Jones were to accept a head coaching job or NFL job.

Contracts for assistant coaches Kevin Faulk, Mickey Joseph, Greg McMahon, Bill Johnson and Steven Ensminger expire in March 2022. All have varying annual base salaries from $350,000 to $500,000, and Johnson is the only assistant with a yearly supplemental income of $50,000, which is fulfilled in monthly installments. Those figures do not include the $10,000 bowl bonus each would receive if LSU participates in a non-College Football Playoff bowl game.

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If all are fired in December, LSU is expected to owe more than $555,000. All have clauses in their contracts that prorate the amount owed depending upon whether they take jobs elsewhere before they're let go by the university.

Corey Raymond, Andrew Carter, Blake Baker and DJ Mangas have contracts that expire in March 2023.

Raymond has an annual base salary of $500,000, with supplemental income of $31,250. If paid through March 2023, Raymond will be owed $656,250. The other three have annual base salaries of $400,000. If paid through March 2023, each will be owed $500,000, with the exception of Carter, who also receives yearly supplemental income of $50,000 split into monthly payments. That means Carter would receive $562,500.

In total, LSU would pay an estimated $2.218 million to terminate those four assistants in December. These are also subject to change if any assistants take jobs elsewhere before they are fired by the university.

Brad Davis, LSU’s offensive line coach, who was hired in June, has the longest contract through 2024 at an annual base salary of $400,000. Davis also is owed supplemental income of $410,000 through 2022, $430,00 through 2023 and $450,000 through 2024. LSU would owe an estimated $2.49 million if Davis is terminated in December without cause or another job.

In addition, LSU is still paying off passing game coordinator Scott Linehan, who lasted just one season in 2020 before he and Orgeron agreed to part ways. As of January, Linehan still was owed $1 million of his contract.

Bo Pelini, who lasted just one season as defensive coordinator in 2020, was to receive a one-time payment of $4 million by Jan. 31, according to his termination agreement, which also includes five $14,000 payments through March 31, 2023.

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