Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers lit up victory cigars following their national championship win over Clemson, but law enforcement officers quickly took action, according to an report.

Just as quickly as photos of Burrow and other Tigers smoking cigars inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and the team locker room hit the internet, a police officer working the game stepped in to put a stop to it. 

AL.Com reporter Michael Casagrande said the officer told the team it wasn't allowed to smoke indoors. When several players holding the stogies laughed at the warning thinking it was a joke, the officer reminded them that anyone caught smoking was subject to arrest.

Another officer stepped in to tell them it was OK to smoke in the locker room, but the first cop insisted his commander said it was not allowed. 

Nobody, however, was arrested and the party continued, with a haze of smoke spilling out of the LSU locker room before reporters were allowed in for interviews.

Burrow was also seen walking to his postgame press conference smoking his cigar. 

The Tigers' capped off their perfect 15-0 season by winning LSU's fourth national championship with a 42-25 win over Clemson, the defending champions.

Burrow capped off his final season in Baton Rouge by throwing for 463 yards and accounting for 6 total touchdowns en route to setting a slew of records in FBS, SEC and team history.

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