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An LSU fan shows his colors in a sea of red during the first half of LSU's football game against Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday Nov. 9, 2019, in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

LSU will admit 25% of Tiger Stadium's capacity this year, the school announced Wednesday, putting it near the top of available seating amongst Southeastern Conference teams during a season shaped by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Leagues across the country have adjusted stadium capacities to comply with public health guidelines and social distancing recommendations. Major League Baseball has played inside empty stadiums, while the first college football game of the season last week had a sparse crowd.

The SEC, which will play a 10-game, conference-only schedule, has let member schools determine their stadium capacities in coordination with local public health recommendations.

Based on 25% of its listed capacity — 102,321 — Tiger Stadium can hold 25,580 fans when the season begins Sept. 26, giving LSU the third-largest possible crowd in the conference behind Texas A&M and Tennessee.

LSU will host Mississippi State in its season opener. The Tigers also play home games against Missouri, South Carolina, Alabama and Ole Miss.

The rest of the SEC stadium capacities for the 2020 season are listed below. They could change if public health trends improve over the course of the season.

Alabama: Approximately 20% capacity, which equals 20,364 seats

Arkansas: Between 21-23% capacity or 16,000-17,000 available seats

Auburn: Approximately 20% capacity, which equals 17,490 seats

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Florida: Approximately 20% capacity at 17,000 seats

Georgia: Between 20-25% capacity, which equals 18,549-23,186 seats

Kentucky: No plan announced

LSU: 25% capacity, which equals 25,580 available seats

Mississippi State: Approximately 25% capacity, which equals 15,334 seats

Missouri: No more than 25% capacity, which allows a maximum of 15,405 seats

Ole Miss: 25% capacity, which equals 16,009 seats

South Carolina: Approximately 20% capacity, allowing 20,000 seats

Tennessee: Approximately 25% capacity, which equals 25,613 seats

Texas A&M: Approximately 25% capacity, which equals 25,683 seats

Vanderbilt: No plan announced

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